Spring 2017

  • Spring after school classes run for five weeks from 4-5:30
  • Beacon class location is at the Howland Cultural Center (477 Main Street)
  • Cost is $110 per student, per session which includes all materials and fees
  • Mixed age classes are for kids 6-12; Older kid classes when offered are for ages 9-14

Spring 2017 – Session 1

Recycled Sewing
Tues. 4/4 – 5/9

Students will have fun learning basic sewing skills while they creatively transform old gloves, socks, T-shirts, and more into stuffed animals, tote bags, pillows…or whatever they can think of! Sewing is fun, useful, and anyone can learn how! This class is for all abilities – work at your own level and pace. Ages 6-12

Mini Masterpieces
Wed. 4/5 – 5/10

Students will have the opportunity to explore the styles and techniques of some of the world’s great artists through highly expressive, hands on activities. While making their own art, students will learn about the achievements of these artists and develop an appreciation for what they hoped to communicate to our world. Art media may include paint, collage, printmaking, and more. Ages 6-12

Clay Creations
Thurs. 4/6 – 5/11

Learn the basics of everyone’s favorite medium – clay! Clay is a wonderful, expressive medium and is ideal for enhancing children’s development on many levels. We’ll learn coil, pinch, and slab construction as well as different surface decoration techniques. Returning clay students may choose from new projects. All pieces will be kiln fired. Ages 6-12

Session 2

Clay Creations 2
Tues. May 16 – June 13

See description in Session 1. More advanced projects will be offered to returning students. All pieces will be kiln fired. Ages 6-12

Crazy for Collage
Wed. May 17 – June 14

Creativity is key in this expressive, mixed media class. We will use decorated paper, fabric, and other materials to create dynamic, unique pieces of collage art. For inspiration, we will take a look at the work of Henri Matisse and Eric Carle, two artists known for their collage art. Ages  6-12

Super Sculpture!
Thurs. May 18 – June 15

Do you love building and constructing? Get ready to get creative with cardboard, paper, wire, and more! Bring your imagination and get your creative juices flowing while making expressive, one of a kind works of 3-D art! New projects are being developed for those who have previously taken this class. Ages 6-12