Auction is Open April 1 through April 11!

Inspiration for this project comes from the many homeless animals living at local rescue organizations awaiting adoption. The awesome creatures you see depicted in the paintings below actually exist – all of them are currently being cared for by (or were recently adopted from) Mid Hudson Animal Aid, ARF, or other animal rescue groups in this area.

In addition to raising much-needed funds to assist these groups, our goal is to help raise awareness of the many adoptable animals in our community eagerly waiting to join their forever homes. If you are thinking about adding a cat or dog to your family, please consider going through a rescue organization rather than a pet store or breeder!

These 21 paintings, currently on display at Beacon Bagel, are available to bid on via the online auction from Monday, April 1 through Thursday, April 11. As always, 100% of the auction proceeds will directly benefit animals in need. Thanks for your support!

If you would like be kept informed of auction news, dates, results, etc., please sign up below!

(Please click on thumbnail image to enlarge and learn a little bit
about each animal. To bid click on orange bar above!)